Miniature Fine Art & Awards 2024

Miniature Fine Art is created to a 1/6th or smaller scale and is sustained
under close inspection and/or magnification.

 Non-Representational Fine Art
promoting the feeling of miniature art with attention to detail
are also included in this division.

Image area must not exceed 25 sq. inches.
Outer dimensions of frames must not exceed 56 sq. inches.
Sculptures and 3-D works must be less than 3″ x 3″ x 6″.

Miniature Fine Art Division, Sarah Siltala Comments

“As the judge of the miniature artworks in the MasterWorks NM 2024 exhibition, I was honored to evaluate the diverse and creative expressions of the artists, guided by a commitment to fairness, expertise and appreciation for the transformative power of art. I approached my role with a deep reverence for the beauty and significance of artistic expression. I am dedicated to upholding the integrity of the exhibition by meticulously assessing each piece based on its emotional resonance, innovative vision and technical mastery to make sure every artist receives thoughtful consideration regardless of their background or style. My goal was not only to select deserving winners, but also to inspire and encourage all participants on their artistic journey.

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this vibrant and dynamic artistic community.” 

Susan Kennedy, Carol Lopez, P.K. Williams




Filomeno Martinez, “Jemez Beauty”, Colored Pencil, $325



Ruth Andrews-Vreeland, Cutest Baby Ever!, Watercolor, $110

Ruth Andrews-Vreeland, The Old Man of the Zoo, Watercolor, $200

Ruth Andrews-Vreeland, We’re Laughing at You!, Watercolor, $165

Karen Arnold, Cahuita, Watercolor, $100

Karen Arnold, Isla Iguana, Watercolor, $100

Karen Arnold, Palms, Watercolor, $100

Karen Arnold, Peñasco, Watercolor, $100

Carmen Badeau, City Road, Watercolor $225

Carmen Badeau, Among the Red Rocks, Watercolor, $225

Carmen Badeau, Christmas Eve, Colored Pencil, $175

Carmen Badeau, Mountain Worship, Colored Pencil, $175

Carmen Badeau, Tuscany View, Watercolor, $225

Kim Bell, The Purrfect Spot!, Oil, $500

Bonnie Berget, Aspen in SF Nat’l Forest, Pastel, $295

Bonnie Berget, French Mkt Stilt Walkers, Pastel, $350

Bonnie Berget, Kylie, Pastel, $500

Bonnie Berget, NM Sunset in July, Pastel, $295

Bonnie Berget, XC Skiing Trails, Pastel, $295

Laverne Bohlin, Brilliant Light, Pastel, $100

Laverne Bohlin, Delicate Clouds, Mixed Media, $100

Laverne Bohlin, Stormy Sky, Pastel, $110

Ginnie Brown, Los Ojos, Acrylic, $195

Ginnie Brown, Mountain Spring, Acrylic, $195

Ginnie Brown, Tome, Acrylic, $195

Ginnie Brown, Winter Night, Acrylic, $145

Ginnie Brown, Winter Time, Acrylic, $145

Diane Buster, Gone Fishing, Oil, $150

Diane Buster, Moonlight, Oil, $150

Diane Buster, Rock Ledge, Oil, $150

Kathleen Butler, Roofs of Roskilde, Watercolor, $175

Kathleen Butler, Summer Peonies, Watercolor, $175

Carol Carpenter, Adobe at Dusk, Watercolor, $300

Carol Carpenter, After the Rain, Watercolor, $400

Carol Carpenter, Busy Intersection, Watercolor, $400

Carol Carpenter, Giverney Village, Watercolor, $200

Carol Carpenter, Taos Pueblo, Watercolor, $400

Tom Cassidy, Backwater, Watercolor, $250

Tom Cassidy, Little Red House, Watercolor, $260

Tom Cassidy, Old Town Old House, Watercolor, $250

Tom Cassidy, Winter in New Mexico, Watercolor, $250

Gary Chaffin, Dog Walker, 3-D, Copper Wire, $150

Gary Chaffin, Dredded Drummer, 3-D, Copper Wire, $150

Gary Chaffin, Happy Little Clouds, 3-D, Copper Wire, $150

Gary Chaffin, Star, 3-D, Copper Wire, $125

Gary Chaffin, USS Congress, 3-D, Copper Wire, $150

Judy Clark, Arches II, Colored Pencil, $195

Judy Clark, Chai in his Basket, Pastel, $195

Judy Clark, Pinky, Colored Pencil, $175

Judy Clark, Spirit Animal II, Colored Pencil, $165

Cathe Collard, Quiet Prayer, 3D, Porcelain, $240

Cathe Collard, Sirena and Opus, 3D, Porcelain, $240

Cathe Collard, The Professor, 3D, Porcelain, $210

Dave Cook, Fall Ranch, Watercolor, $150

Dave Cook, Hillside Barn, Watercolor, $150

Dave Cook, Tijeras Arroyo, Watercolor, $150

Carol Corbin-Kuykendall, Down the Lane, Acrylic, $380

Aspen Doan-Isenhour, A Time Before Email, 3D, Mixed, $350

Aspen Doan-Isenhour, In the Eagles Shadow, 3D, Mixed, $350

Aspen Doan-Isenhour, The Curious May Enter, 3D, Mixed, $175

David Drummond, Chinese Vase, Watercolor, $450

David Drummond, Copper Pot, Watercolor, $370

David Drummond, Dawn Departure, Watercolor, $475

David Drummond, Dawn River Mist, Watercolor, $500

David Drummond, Utah Sunset, Watercolor, $450

Charles “Bud” Edmondson, Fence, Watercolor, $350

Charles “Bud” Edmondson, La Luz Hiker, Watercolor, $350

Charles “Bud” Edmondson, Rainy Day, Watercolor, $350

Charles “Bud” Edmondson,Two Flags, Watercolor, $350

Gwen Ethelbah, Aspen Vista Road, Oil, $95

Gwen Ethelbah, Home, Oil, $95

Gwen Ethelbah, Old Logging Road, Oil, $95

Carla Forrest, Inlet, Acrylic, $125

Carla Forrest, Just Popped into My Head!, Acrylic, $125

Jane Fritz, Along the Trail, Watercolor, $195

Jane Fritz, Joyful Passage, Watercolor, $195

Jane Fritz, Shadow Dance, Watercolor, $195

Jane Fritz, Skiing Meditation, Watercolor, $195

Jane Fritz, Tails of Two Turkeys, Watercolor, $215

Cheryl Godin, Hello?, Oil, $225

Cheryl Godin, Hob Nob, Oil, $225

Cheryl Godin, Modern Village, Oil, $225

Cheryl Godin, Seattle Grind, Oil, $200

Charles Goldsmith, Bluebird Paradise, Colored Pencil, $175

Charles Goldsmith, Bosque Boogie, Pastel, $140

Charles Goldsmith, Mountain Mystics, Colored Pencil, $140

Diane Hahn, Flowerburst, Oil, $200

Sally Harris, Awakening, Watercolor, $95

Sally Harris, Fly Fish Heaven, Watercolor, $95

Sally Harris, Glacial Haze, Watercolor, $95

Sally Harris, High Country, Watercolor, $95

Sally Harris, Snow Coming, Watercolor, $95

Pamela C. Hostetler, Gossip Circle, Watercolor, $250

Pamela C. Hostetler, Mama Loves Me, Watercolor, $175

Pamela C. Hostetler, Quiet Time, Watercolor, $200

Pamela C. Hostetler, Sunflowers, Watercolor, $200

Pamela C. Hostetler, Watchful, Watercolor, $225

Katherine Irish, Bosque Evening, Pastel, $275

Katherine Irish, In Awe, Pastel, $275

Katherine Irish, Reflective Night, Pastel, $275

Katherine Irish, Thunder Cloud, Pastel, $275

Katherine Irish, Twilight Song, Pastel, $275

Sharon Jensen, Glow at Five PM, Pastel, $250

Sharon Jensen, Reaching Hidden Valley, Pastel, $270

Elaine Johnson, Lone Survivor, Watercolor, $250

Elaine Johnson, Volcano Storm, Watercolor, $900

Daniel Kronberg, Edgar Allan Poe, 3-D, Bronze, $550

Melba Lee, Golden Glory, Watercolor, $140

Melba Lee, Purple Haze, Watercolor, $110

Melba Lee, Santa Fe Dancers, Watercolor, $125

Melba Lee, The Geese Herder, Watercolor, $115

Patricia Leister, Golden Days, Gouache, $150

Patricia Leister, High Desert View, Gouache, $150

Patricia Leister, Sandia Fall, Gouache, $150

Patricia Leister, Touch of Snow, Gouache, $150

Mick Leo, Hidden Canyon Monsoon, Watercolor, $275

Mick Leo, Monsoon Meets Mesa, Watercolor, $275

Panola Lisle, Along the Rio Grande, Pastel, $275

Panola Lisle, Bosque del Apache, Pastel, $275

Panola Lisle, Canales and Shadows, Pastel, $275

Panola Lisle, Siesta for Some, Pastel, $275

Panola Lisle, Walk Among the Aspens, Pastel, $275

Filomeno Martinez, Creeping Charlie, Colored Pencil, $300

Filomeno Martinez, Downtown Albuquerque, Colored Pencil, $295

Filomeno Martinez, Jemez Beauty, Colored Pencil, $325

Filomeno Martinez, San Miguel, Colored Pencil, $325

Filomeno Martinez, Sunlight, Colored Pencil, $275

Barbara McGuire, Quiet on the Farm, Watercolor, $120

Art Menchego, Bosque Horno, Watercolor, $200

Art Menchego, Pueblo Winter, Watercolor, $200

Art Menchego, Standing Elk, Pencil,  $300

Debbie Misgen, Canyon Glow, Watercolor, $250

Debbie Misgen, Only One Path, Watercolor, $250

Debbie Misgen, Sculpted Chamber, Watercolor, $250

Claudia Mitchell, A Winter Moment, Oil, $150

Claudia Mitchell, Chama Dusk, Oil, $150

Bonnie Mitisek, Casa Rondena Winery, Pastel, $225

Bonnie Mitisek, Morning Cottonwood, Pastel, $245

Bonnie Mitisek, Old Adobe, Pastel, $245

Bonnie Mitisek, Redbud, Pastel,  $245

Bonnie Mitisek, Sunflowers & Red Cloth, Pastel, $225
Carol Mullen, Conflicted, Mixed, Collage, $150

Carol Mullen, Not Benign, Mixed, Collage, $150

Carol Mullen, Pueblo Revolt, Mixed, Collage, $150

Carol Mullen, Random Thoughts, Mixed, Collage, $150

Gail Murray, Kale, 3-D, $160

Gail Murray, Treasures, 3-D, $160

Gail Murray, Wet, 3-D,  $160

Gail Murray, Wind, 3-D, $160

Paul Murray, Early Morning, Oil, $700

Paul Murray, Lonesome, Ink, $450

Paul Murray, Pastorale, Ink, $450

Paul Murray, Train Wheel Mandala, Acrylic, $700

Amelia Myer, Monsoon Days, Oil, $120

Amelia Myer, Shiprock Melting 2, Oil, $180

Barbara Nahler, Bouquet, Oil, $100

Chris Pennington, Gone Fishing, Acrylic, $200

Chris Pennington, Last Stop, Acrylic, $200

Chris Pennington, Quiet Drink, Acrylic, $200

Chris Pennington, Sand Dancing, Acrylic, $200

Chris Pennington, Surveying His Domain, Acrylic, $200

Vickie Pleau, Emerald Jewel, Oil, $100

Vickie Pleau, High Tea, Oil, $175

Virginia Primozic, The Meek’s Inheritance 1, Collage, $120

Virginia Primozic, The Meek’s Inheritance 2, Collage, $120

Virginia Primozic, The Meek’s Inheritance 3, Collage, $120

Virginia Primozic, The Meek’s Inheritance 4, Collage, $120

Virginia Primozic, The Meek’s Inheritance 6, Collage, $120

Joyce Rapp, Petals and Pastry, Watercolor, $175

Kerry Renshaw, A Round of Robins, Oil, $160

Kerry Renshaw, Buffalo Hills, Oil, $160

Kerry Renshaw, Rufous and Rosemary, Oil, $175

Fran Ryan, Bosque Lane, Pastel, $235

Fran Ryan, On the Ditch, Pastel, $235

Fran Ryan, Out to Pasture, Pastel, $235

Fran Ryan, Rocky Creek, Pastel, $235

Jinkle Seagrave, D. Discoidum, Acrylic, $100

Jinkle Seagrave, Nestling, Watercolor, $100

Jinkle Seagrave, Nevermore, Acrylic, $100

Jinkle Seagrave, Wine and Rose, Watercolor, $100

Toni Seidel, Snag, Watercolor, $225

Colleen Shackley, Taos Sunset, Watercolor, $150

Michele Tisdale, It’s Bow Tie Day, Oil, $250

Rich Troyanowski, Moon Glow, Acrylic, $225

Rich Troyanowski, Protuberance, Acrylic, $225

Kenneth White, High Point, Acrylic, $225

Kirk Winn, Classic in Red, Pastel, $175

Kirk Winn, Silent Communing, Pastel, $225

Fred Yost, Moonlit Horses, Oil, $95

Fred Yost, Rio Grande Sunset, Oil, $95

Fred Yost, Santa Fe Forest, Oil,  $95

2024 – Our 26th Year of Juried Exhibition and Sale Showcasing New Mexico’s Master Fine Artists.