The MasterWorks of New Mexico Juried Spring Art Show and Sale is now in its twenty-second year of exhibition! It began with a unique vision, that of combining the talents and experiences of existing fine arts organizations, each representing artists throughout New Mexico, to sponsor a show of New Mexico’s finest art.

Organizations Represented

The charter board of representatives consisted of the Pastel Society of New Mexico (PSNM), the New Mexico Watercolor Society (NMWS), and Miniature Arts Bardean. Miniature Fine Art is fine art that is 1/6th scale or smaller with precise attention to detail which can be sustained under close inspection or magnification.  Non-representational Miniatures must display the spirit of miniaturization. Small Fine Art that does not meet the 1/6th scale may be entered however it should promote the feeling of small with detail.

It founded, then included in its second year, a new organization for oils, acrylics, and mixed media not framed under glass, the Rio Grande Art Association (RGAA).  

PSNM and NMWS are always open for new membership, but this is not a requirement for entry in MasterWorks.  However RGAA does require membership to enter.

The Spring Show is in fact four separately juried shows, which are hung together after judging and the awarding of ribbons and prizes. MasterWorks is held at Expo New Mexico in the Hispanic Arts Building. Often there are numerous other scheduled events throughout the month including workshops in most media, artist demonstrations, educational events and other presentations.

Judges and Jurors

Judges and Jurors have been extremely qualified these past twenty years, and have willingly given time and expertise to an exemplary show of New Mexico’s best.  Judges Andrew Connors, Wilson Hurley, Gary Niblett, Albert Handell, Curt Walters, Michael Hurd, Morris Rippel, Steve Hanks, Robert Daughters, William Hook, Sherrie McGraw, Peter Nisbet, David Leffel, Santiago Perez, Juan Wijngaard, Howard Wexler, Joe Anna Arnett, Chris Morel, Eason Eige, and Frank McCulloch have awarded ribbons to works juried by Cody Hooper, Lynn McLain, Barry McCuan, Maggie Muchmore, Michael McGuire, Morris Rippel, Peter de La Fuente, Laura Robb, Julian Robles, Robert Hooten, David Ballew, John Cacciatore, Barbara Kelly, Leo Neufeld, Arthur Sussman, Walt Johnston, Luis Neri Zagal, Frank McCulloch, Bill Wyles, Kevin Zuckerman, Pat Ballard, Steve Borbas, Robert Kuester, Colin Poole, Lee Rommel, Doug Fairfield, Mary Carroll Nelson, Joan Potter, Cynthia Sanchez, Nick Abdalla, Arturo Chavez, Nancy Kozikowski, Ann Templeton, Jim Moore, Christopher Mead, Jim Asher, Anita Louise West, Eason Eige, William Haskell, Nancy Reyner, Andrew Connors, Alan Radebaugh,  Sallie Ritter, Virginia Cobb, Shari Morrison, Michelle Chrisman, Rod Hubble, Tom Perkinson, Ralph Greene, Helen Gwinn, Woody Gwyn, Robert Highsmith, Roberta Remy, Diana Stetson, Braldt Bralds, Elizabeth Sandia, Kevin Tolman, Brian Cobble, McCreery Jordan, Pietro Palladini, Mark Horst, Sam Scott, Marilyn Yates, Jeanne Hyland, Richard Alan Nichols, Dinah Worman, Angus Macpherson, Jeannie Sellmer and Penny Simpson!

In the Miniatures category, Judges and Jurors are of equal merit.  Judges Carol Carpenter, Ann Templeton, David Schwindt, Peter Aschwanden, Myra Marsh, Doris Steider, Betty Sabo, Paul Murray, Todd Tibbals, Kim Bell, Jan Keefer, Susan Brooke, Wes Pulkka, Charles (Bud) Edmondson, Mary Carroll Nelson, Juan Wijngaard, Melinda Beavers, Carol Lopez, Lyla Garcia, David Drummond and Neecy Twinem have awarded ribbons and prizes in eight different categories to works juried by Karin Pitman, Jane Shea, Mary Sundstrom, Frank McCulloch, Wendy Zollinger, Leona Turner, Daniel Powers, Russ Ball, Pat Durgin, Jim and Cherrill Whitlow, Pamela Michaelis, Rex Barron, Rosalyn Roembke, Cathrine Edlinger-Kunze, Greg Tucker, Daniel Kronberg, Chaoming Ting, Karen McSorley, Jill Karla Schwarz, Eleanor Schick, Miro Kenarov, Lynn McLean, Jan Keefer, Chip Ware, Sara Otto-Diniz, George Hight, Margo Luisa Gerrero, Sharon Fullingim, Margy O’Brien, Sheridan Brown, Regina Held, Penny Simpson, Mary Alice Higbie, Emily Trovillion, Leo Neufeld, Carole Pallister, Mary Sundstrom, Jennifer Eggleston, Bethe Sailer, Aaron Campbell, Ann Bromberg, Martin Vela, Susan Weeks, Nancy Wood Taber, Aimee Milazzo, Myra Marsh, Melinda Beavers, Elzbieta Kaleta, Pat Cohen, Cay Garcia, Sarah Siltala, John Bell, Lannie Alexander, Susan Evans, Kim Bell, Lea Bradocich, Janice St. Marie, Mary Sue Walsh, JoAnne Kennedy, Remy Rotenier, Jeff Warren, and Richard Tryanowski!  The Miniature Show is actually going into its 26th year, with past judges and jurors further including Wilson Hurley, Sonny Rivera, Maurice Loreaux, and many others!

2020 – Our 22nd Year of Juried Exhibition and Sale Showcasing New Mexico’s Master Fine Artists.