Miniature/Small Works Gallery 2022

Miniature Fine Art is created to a 1/6th or smaller scale and is sustained
under close inspection and/or magnification.

Small Fine Art and Non-Representational Fine Art
promote the feeling of miniature art with attention to detail are also included in this division.

Image area must not exceed 25 sq. inches.
Outer dimensions of frames must not exceed 56 sq. inches.
Sculptures and 3-D works must be less than 3″ x 3″ x 6″.

Miniature/Small Works Fine Art Division, Mary Sweet

Mary Sweet was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, received A.B. and M.A. degrees in Art from Stanford University, CA, and has lived in Tijeras, NM since 1970. She has drawn and painted all her life, with media of acrylic on canvas and paper, woodblock prints, watercolor, monotype and artist books. She has been included in publications such as The Acrylic Painter’s Book of Styles and Techniques (Rachel Wolf), Who’s Who in America; Who’s Who in American Art, Who’s Who, American Women; Who’s Who in the West, American Artist Magazine and others.

Her award winning works in a variety of media have appeared in many shows nationally and her woodblock printings have been shown at the Albuquerque Museum. “The landscape has always been my primary inspiration. The land provides us with everything from sustenance to solace. My paintings are a way of saying this is what I saw and it’s important and I want you to see it too.”

Susan Brooke, “You Light Up My Life” – SOLD
Ann Lewis
Michael Meyer, “Sacred Pipe” – SOLD


Best of Show

Jane Fritz, River of Light 2, Watercolor – SOLD



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Patricia Baca, Autumn on the Slope, Watercolor, $175

Patricia Baca, Down But Not Done, Watercolor, $175

Patricia Baca, Going Home, Watercolor, $175 – SOLD

Patricia Baca, Red Sky Sunrise, Watercolor, $175

Rex Barron, Rubber Room, Mixed Media, $95

Kim Bell, Sonoran Sentinels, Oil, $600 – SOLD

Bonnie Berget, Aspens in Winter, Pastel, $125

Bonnie Berget, Buffalo Dancers, Pastel, $125 – SOLD

Bonnie Berget, Coyote Fence, Pastel, $125

Bonnie Berget, Reflections, Pastel, $125 – SOLD

Bonnie Berget, Sun Sets on Lone Butte, Pastel, $125

Joan Boyden, Arroyos View, Watercolor, $150

Joan Boyden, Dawn, Oil, $100

Joan Boyden, Lucky, Oil, $175

Joan Boyden, Morning on the Road, Oil, $150

Joan Boyden, Spring, Oil, $100 – SOLD

Joy Brinkley-Hill, Ascension 8, Watercolor, $95

Joy Brinkley-Hill, Ascension 12, Watercolor, $95

Ginnie Brown, Adobe Winter, Acrylic, $225

Ginnie Brown, An Open Window, Acrylic, $225 – SOLD

Ginnie Brown, Chili Time, Acrylic, $195

Ginnie Brown, Morning Sun, Acrylic, $250

Ginnie Brown, The Lavender Hills, Acrylic, $195

Diane Buster, Along the Rim, Oil, $165 – SOLD

Diane Buster, Grasses in Snow, Oil, $165 – SOLD

Diane Buster, River Rocks, Oil, $165

Diane Buster, Snowy Cliffs, Oil, $165

Gary Chaffin, Mechanical Fish, 3-D Sculpture, $150

Gary Chaffin, The Artist’s Studio, 3-D Sculpture, $150

Gary Chaffin, The Puppet, 3-DSculpture, $150

Judy Clark, Going Fishing, Colored Pencil, $150

Judy Clark, Kyoto Temple Detail, Colored Pencil, $150

Judy Clark, Sanibel Brown Pelican, Colored Pencil, $165

Charles Edmondson, Cabin by the Lake, Watercolor, $400 – SOLD

Charles Edmondson, Dancer, Watercolor, $400

Charles Edmondson, Home on the Hill, Watercolor, $400 – SOLD

Charles Edmondson, Smoky Horno, Watercolor, $400

Charles Edmondson, Village Church, Watercolor, $400

Jane Fritz, Gathering Clouds, Watermedia, $175

Jane Fritz, Kelowna Gold, Watermedia, $195

Jane Fritz, River of Light 2, Watermedia, $185 – SOLD

Jane Fritz, Shadows Under the Towers, Watermedia, $175

Jane Fritz, Silent Passage, Watermedia, $195 

Charles Goldsmith, Cactus Café, Colored Pencil, $200

Pam Hostetler, Fall Colors, Watercolor, $195

Pam Hostetler, Gloriosas, Watercolor, $120 – SOLD

Pam Hostetler, High Country Reflections, Watercolor, $175

Pam Hostetler, Sunbathers, Watercolor, $195

Pam Hostetler, Valley Farm, Watercolor, $120

Gary Hutchinson, Holy Ghost Panel, Sculpture, $200

Katherine Irish, Evening Blessing, Pastel, $195

Katherine Irish, Evening Choir, Pastel, $195 – SOLD

Katherine Irish, Evening Chorus, Pastel, $195

Katherine Irish, Evening Gift, Pastel, $195

Katherine Irish, Evening Hum, Pastel, $195

Joyce Johns, Apple Blossoms, Watercolor, $100

Joyce Johns, Martha, Watercolor, $150 – SOLD

Susan Kennedy, Arches National Park, Watercolor, $395

Susan Kennedy, Fete d’olives, France, Watercolor, $595

Susan Kennedy, Looking Back, Watercolor, $450

Susan Kennedy, Monument Valley, Watercolor, $395

Susan Kennedy, Sunny Sunflowers, Watercolor, $395 – SOLD

Fran Krukar, Taking Five, Watercolor, $195

Fran Krukar, The Mentor, Watercolor, $175

Melba Lee, Antique Poppies, Watercolor, $95

Melba Lee, Midnight Quiet, Watercolor, $180 – SOLD

Melba Lee, Poppy Burst, Watercolor, $125

Melba Lee, Summer Place, Watercolor, $180

Melba Lee, Takea Hike, Watercolor, $95

Pat Leister, High Desert, Watercolor, $150

Pat Leister, Morning Shadows, Watercolor, $150

Pat Leister, Peaceful Moment, Watercolor, $150

Pat Leister, Sunlit, Watercolor, $150 

Mick Leo, Out of the Blue 3, Mixed Media, $345

Shirley Levy, Corte de La Miniera, Italy, Mixed Media, $150

Shirley Levy, Sunrise 6am 3/22/18, Colored Pencil, $125

Shirley Levy, Sunrise 7am 3/22/18, Colored Pencil, $125

Panola Lisle, Bosque Spring, Pastel, $275

Panola Lisle, Morning, Pastel, $275

Panola Lisle, Sunrise, Pastel, $275

Panola Lisle, Winter Tree, Pastel, $225 

Carol S. Lopez, Fire and Ice, Encaustic, $400

Carol S. Lopez, Koi, Encaustic, $400

Carol S. Lopez, Sundown, Encaustic, $450 

Jerry Love, Curious, Oil, $195

Jerry Love, Freedom, Oil, $195

Jerry Love, Spirit, Acrylic, $195 – SOLD

Tricia H. Love, A Dear of a Deer, Ink, $165

Tricia H. Love, Are We Related? Ink, $165

Tricia H. Love, Taos, New Mexico, Ink, $165

Tricia H. Love, The Egg Lady, Ink, $165

Tricia H. Love, The Street Musician, Ink, $165

Melissa Lowry Mosley, Blue Cold Front, Watercolor, $125

Melissa Lowry Mosley, Juicy Orange Cat, Ink, $95

Melissa Lowry Mosley, Marble Ocean, Acrylic, $95

Melissa Lowry Mosley, Pink Jelly Beans, Watercolor, $125

Melissa Lowry Mosley, Winged Kirin-Bridge, Edo, Watercolor, $125

Filomeno Martinez, Autumn Glow, Colored Pencil, $185 – SOLD

Filomeno Martinez, Foot Steps, Colored Pencil, $185 – SOLD

Filomeno Martinez, San Jose De Gracia, Colored Pencil, $200

Filomeno Martinez, Still Water, Mixed Media, $225 – SOLD

Filomeno Martinez, Unexpected Visitor, Colored Pencil, $180 – SOLD

Victoria Mauldin, Chama Narrow Gauge, Acrylic, $175

Victoria Mauldin, Desert Bloom and Bee, Acrylic, $150

Victoria Mauldin, Hawk on Watch, Acrylic, $150

Victoria Mauldin, Wind Blown, Acrylic, $150

Melissa K. McIntyre, Guitar with Chair, Acrylic, $225

Melissa K. McIntyre, Mack Truck, Balboa Park, Acrylic, $225

Melissa K. McIntyre, My Old Piano, Acrylic, $175

Melissa K. McIntyre, Out to Pasture, Acrylic, $225

Melissa K. McIntyre, San Francisco de Asis, Acrylic, $150

Bonnie Mitisek, Invitation, Pastel, $175 – SOLD

Bonnie Mitisek, Making Friends, Pastel, $175

Bonnie Mitisek, My Neighborhood, Pastel, $175

Bonnie Mitisek, Once Upon a Time, Pastel, $175

Gail Murray, Bee (Hexagon Mini Book), 3-D, $200

Gail Murray, Flat (Round Mini Book), 3-D, $200

Gail Murray, Memory (Rectangle Book), 3-D, $200

Gail Murray, Orange (Square Mini Book), 3-D, $200

Gail Murray, Tut (Pyramid Mini Book), 3-D, $200

Paul Murray, Campanas, Ink, $495

Paul Murray, Spare, Ink, $495

Paul Murray, Touristas, Acrylic, $550

Amelia Myer, Bosque Del Apache Evening, Oil, $195

Amelia Myer, Chama Summer, Oil, $175

Amelia Myer, Domingo Baca on Fire, Oil, $200 – SOLD

Amelia Myer, Los Poblanos, Oil, $195

Amelia Myer, Thomas Merton in Abiquiu, Oil, $195

Barbara Nahler, Obliques, Mixed Media, $125

Barbara Nahler, Outer Space One, Colored Pencil, $125

Barbara Nahler, Outer Space Two,Colored Pencil, $125 – SOLD

Ray Ortiz, Destination Outlook, Ink, $180

Ray Ortiz, Long Forgotten, Ink, $180

Ray Ortiz, Trailhead, Ink, $180

Vickie Pleau, Hawaiian Surf, Oil, $110

Vickie Pleau, New Mexico Chamisa, Oil, $95

Joyce Rapp, Enter at Your Own Risk, Watercolor, $125

Joyce Rapp, Morning Light, Watercolor, $125

Joyce Rapp, Out of Gas, Watercolor, $125

Kerry Renshaw, Good Morning!, Oil, $250

Kerry Renshaw, Here’s Looking at You Kid, Watercolor, $195

Kerry Renshaw, Painted Lady, Oil, $200

Kerry Renshaw, Quetzal Sighting, Oil, $175

Kerry Renshaw, Sun King, Oil, $195 – SOLD

Rémy Rotenier, A Walk in North Valley, Gouache, $1,200

Sondra Schlotterback, Path To High Ground, Pastel, $120

Sondra Schlotterback, Valley Winter, Oil, $150

Jinkle Seagrave, Emergence, Oil, $100

Jinkle Seagrave, Joy of Man’s Desiring, Watercolor, $100

Jinkle Seagrave, Pigasus, 3-D Sculpture, $100

Toni Seidel, Grey Day, Watercolor, $250

Toni Seidel, Sandia Boulders, Watercolor, $250

Toni Seidel, Snow and Clouds, Watercolor, $250

Tina Stallard, Silver City, NM, Watercolor, $250

Tina Stallard, That’s Riveting!, Watercolor, $200

Tina Stallard, Yellow Cab, Watercolor, $200

Michele Tisdale, Family Chorus, Imitation, Oil, $225

Michele Tisdale, La Burro del Cabezon, Oil, $195 – SOLD

Michele Tisdale, Not Yet, Series Imitation, Mixed Media, $225 – SOLD

Rich Troyanowski, Looking up the Trail, Oil, $295

Rich Troyanowski, Nancy’s Neighborhood, Acrylic, $275

Rich Troyanowski, Northeast Heights, Acrylic, $200

Rich Troyanowski, Snow in Barrow Canyon, Acrylic, $295

Rich Troyanowski, The Drive Up, Oil, $250

Ruth Vreeland, Barnabas: the Successort, Watercolor, $750

Ruth Vreeland, In Memory of My Boaz, Watercolor, $750

Ruth Vreeland, In Memory of Sarabi, Watercolor, $175

Ruth Vreeland, Reese: Rio Grande Zoo, Watercolor, $200 – SOLD

Jeff Warren, Evanescence, Oil, $250 – SOLD

Jeff Warren, Excalibread, Oil, $150 – SOLD

Jeff Warren, T.G.I.F, Oil, $150

Juan Wijngaard, Asparagus Jar, Oil, $400

Juan Wijngaard, Buho, Print, $95 – SOLD

Juan Wijngaard, Dandelions, Watercolor, $600 – SOLD

Juan Wijngaard, Through the Window, 3-D, $400

Gwen Wilemon, A Moment in Time, Oil, $150

Gwen Wilemon, Bosque Flight, Oil, $150 – SOLD

Gwen Wilemon, Small Reflection, Pastel, $100

Janine Wilson, Canyon Flora, Encaustic, $120

Janine Wilson, Sleeping Cat, Sculpture, $125

Janine Wilson, Slot Canyon, Encaustic, $120 – SOLD

Seung Youn, Chama River, Pastel, $195

Seung Youn, Hikers, Pastel, $195 – SOLD

Seung Youn, Jemez, Pastel, $195

2024 – Our 26th Year of Juried Exhibition and Sale Showcasing New Mexico’s Master Fine Artists.