Miniature Awards 2018

(Images of Award Winning Miniatures not available
unless submitted by artist.)

Best of Show:
Carol Carpenter, Taos PuebloWatercolor

People’s Choice: Kim Bell, Mia, Oil


1st Place: Kim Bell, Mia

2nd Place: Cheryl Godin, Taco

3rd Place: Gail Ranshaw, Big Evans Lake


1st Place: Janice St. Marie, River Magic

2nd Place: Marie Fritz, King Ranch II

3rd Place: Panola Lisle, Los Arboles


1st Place: Susan Brooke, Bessie

2nd Place: Tina Stallard, Bosque Gold

3rd Place: Albert Noyer, Abandoned Casa, Tijeras


1st Place: Melissa McIntyre, Grafton

2nd Place: Paul Murray, Nuestra de la Luz

3rd Place: Jona Batt, Cosmic Connection

Inks, Prints, Drawings

1st Place: Jorge Fernandez, Plaza de Trinidad, Ink

2nd Place: Melinda Beavers, Landscape Arch, Ink


3rd Place: Susan Brooke, When Push Comes to Shove, Charcoal

Colored Pencil

1st Place: Filomeno Martinez, Lonely Bird

2nd Place: Melinda Beavers, High Desert Prairie


3rd Place: Charles Goldsmith, Sun Down Quail


1st Place: Daniel Kronberg, Spotted Sprinter, Bronze & Wood

2nd Place: Jane Chevalier, The One that Got Away, Goose Egg

3rd Place: Barbara Burzillo, Red Bird, Bronze

Mixed Media

1st Place: Melinda Beavers, Cottonwood Glow


2nd Place: Carol Lopez, Daily Swim, Encaustic Beeswax

3rd Place: Sheridan Brown, To Ground

Honorable Mentions (8)

Patricia Catlett, St. Luke-Patron Saint of Artists, Egg Tempera & Gold Leaf

Judi Foster, Chamisa Gold, Watercolor

Jane Fritz, Dawn at Indian Creek, Watercolor

Katherine Irish, Scarlet Blush, Pastel

Toyoko Lee, Road to Vegas, Watercolor

Melinda Littlejohn, Little Singing Pot with Sage, Oil

Laura LoTurco-Gorian, Waiting, Oil Monoprint

Ruth Vreeland, Polar Bear Nap, Watercolor

Bardean Award: Gail Ranshaw, Grouping, Oil & Watercolor

Cathie P. Scott, Award for Detail: Gail Ranshaw, Michigan Winter, Watercolor

Mom Award for Detail: Melinda Beavers, Window on Chaco, Colored Pencil


Jan Keefer Award: David Drummond, Last Rays, Watercolor

Carol Bryant, Creativity: Joy Eaton, Out of Africa, Watercolor

GalleryABQ Salon Show Award: Joyce Rapp, Tethered, Watercolor

Jack Richeson & Co, Inc.: Linda Krumel, Mystique, Watercolor

Warren Fine Art & Collectibles: Susan Brooke, River Magic, Acrylic