Volunteers/Artist Entry

Volunteer to Show Sit

All artists are strongly encouraged to volunteer for one 3-1/2 hour shift of gallery sitting. Art lovers, collectors and friends are also welcome to volunteer. This is an opportunity to network with other artists, get a sneak peak of workshops, and enjoy a close-up view of the artwork. No previous experience necessary. Volunteers for weekend shifts will receive free parking passes.

Each morning or afternoon shift should have one artist from each medium. Affiliation can be indicated using the applicable Society’s initials: NMWS, PSNM, or RGAA when completing the online form.

Click here to volunteer.

Monday, April 22 10 am – 1 pm – Artists Pick Up Work 

Call for Artists for 2019 Exhibition –
Deadline has expired

Click for Prospectus HERE

Read it carefully. We have made some changes.

Click HERE for 2019 Q & A:  
MasterWorks Miniature &
Small Fine Art Division

Click HERE for Framing Requirements
for Standard Fine Art


Saturday, January 26, 2019 – Deadline for Entries

Saturday, February 16, 2019 – Notifications Emailed to Artists 

Saturday, March 16 – 9-11 am  – Receiving Accepted Standard & Mini Works at Hispanic Arts Building, Expo NM, Albuquerque

Show Eligibility Age: Living artists over the age of 18.
Must be a resident of New Mexico.

Membership: See each Organization’s requirements. No membership is required for Miniature Fine Art

Entries: Artists may enter all Categories.
Entry for each Category requires a separate online submission.
Read each Organization’s procedures carefully – they may vary!

• All works must be original.
• All works must be for sale.
• No copies, diptychs or other multiples, photography
or computer generated work.
• Entries must have been completed within the last 2 years.
• Work cannot have appeared in a previous MasterWorks show.
• Entries cannot have been produced as part of a class instruction.

Miniature Art is now Miniature/Small Fine Art Division.  The Committee decided to accept fine art both in the traditional 1/6th scale as well as larger scale works.  The emphasis is still on small, detailed, well composed and framed fine art.  The maximum image size will remain at 25 sq in with the maximum overall framed size being 56 sq in.  We will also be accepting unframed artwork in limited sizes. 

Monday, April 22 10 am – 1 pm – Artists Pick Up Work