Judges and Jurors 2019

Standard Size Fine Art
Judge & Jurors

Judge Andrew Connors,
Curator of Art 
Albuquerque Museum

MasterWorks 2019 Interview with
Andrew Connors

Previously Andrew Connors served as Chair of the Visual Arts Department at Albuquerque Academy (2006-09), as Senior Curator at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque (1999-2006), and as Associate Curator at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (1984-1999) where he developed collections and exhibitions on Hispanic, Latino, Native American, and Folk Art.  He studied Art History and Architecture at Yale University and did his graduate work in Folklore and American Studies at George Washington University.  He has curated dozens of exhibitions primarily in the areas of United States Latino Art, Colonial Art from Puerto Rico, Contemporary Art, and Graffiti. 

He is currently working on an exhibition and book on the history of jewelry in New Mexico from prehistory to the present, the first exhibition in a series of medium-focused historical survey exhibitions on New Mexican art which will include ceramics, and textiles. 

As a lecturer, guest teacher, or consultant, he has worked with numerous organizations including the National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Office of Folklife Programs, Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame, Chicano Studies Department at the University of California Los Angeles, Getty Center for Education in the Arts, and the Royal Government of Bhutan.

Juror Cody Hooper

Cody Hooper grew up in North Texas and now lives and works in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico. His passion for art began at a young age. As a child he was surrounded by art and music, along with the beauty of the Southwest landscape, inspiring his interest in fine art. 

Hooper was given the opportunity to study under Southwest watercolor artist Barbara Hughes for several years. This set his foundation as an artist and throughout his early years as he focused primarily on realistic watercolors.

After many years of painting in watercolors, Hooper moved forward, experimenting with abstracts in various mediums. This pushed him to expand his horizons and tap into new areas of painting he had not yet explored. There was an obvious freedom and personal expression with abstraction and it was then that he really began to flourish.  He was deeply interested in the effects of color, texture and the emotional response to strong composition and design. By removing the representational and creating something that told a story without an observational subject matter was very exciting.

Today, Hooper’s work is a bold mix of styles, ranging from sleek and contemporary to weathered and organic. He brings a subtle and sophisticated feel to his paintings through a unique balance of color, composition and texture.

Juror Barry McCuan

Barry McCuan grew up on the high plains of Llano Estacado, born in Clovis, New Mexico but lived on a farm with his parents and three brothers across the border north of Farwell, Texas. Being hot and dry on the plains in the 40’s and 50’s, his first trip to Northern New Mexico when he was three convinced him to return to live. His father introduced him to painting with trips to the Panhandle Plains Museum in Canyon, Texas, having a collection of Taos Founders’ paintings. McCuan’s favorite places to paint are Southern France and Northern New Mexico. He has lived north of Santa Fe for 35 years, choosing plain-air painting as his way to explore the clarity of light, organic sculptural forms of adobes, mountains and undulating lower ground of his surroundings. Married to painter Lynne E. Windsor, he added Europe to his painting repertoire, especially France and Italy, but also England and Scotland. His desire is to convey in his paintings the essence of place.

He was the ArtsSmart Artist for 2017. He taught a class at Santa Fe High School for a major fundraiser which supports the arts there.

Juror Lynn McLain

Lynn McLain has been painting and teaching watercolor professionally since 1978.

Lynn is a Signature Member and Dolphin Fellow of the American Watercolor Society; a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society; and a Member/Founder of the Wet Brush Critique Group in Albuquerque.

His work has been published in several magazines and books. Lynn’s art has been exhibited internationally, winning numerous awards. His artwork is included in several noteworthy collections.

Miniature/Small Fine Arts Division
Judge and Jurors

Judge Carol Carpenter

MasterWorks 2019 Interview with
Carol Carpenter

By way of northern California’s Foothill College, Carol graduated from UNM majoring in Art History.  She began displaying her watercolors beginning in the 1980’s at the Southwest Arts Festival, New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair, and Weems Artfest. Carol has created posters, t-shirts, cards, and paintings for many venues including New Mexico’s Public Television Station, and Presbyterian Hospitals’ “Daffodil Days”  fundraiser.  She was a board member of the NMACF.  And, she is a member of the NM Watercolor Society. 

Carol has received many awards over the years. The most recent was the “Best of Show” in the Miniature category from the Masterworks of New Mexico.   

Carol is represented by Sumner & Dene Gallery in Albuquerque.

Juror Karin Pitman

Architect and Landscape Architect, Karin began drawing at an early age, and began painting while an architecture student at Arizona State University in the 1980’s. Born the daughter of an Army officer in Stuttgart, West Germany, Karin moved extensively in her early life, and remains an avid traveler. Also an artist, Karin’s mother studied both interior design and art therapy and shares Karin’s love of art. Karin first developed a love of plein air sketching and painting with an ASU travel class held in Guadalajara, Mexico. Former chair of the NM Watercolor Society Paint Out committee, she enjoys taking her watercolor and sketching supplies along wherever and whenever she travels.

Karin has taught drawing/painting classes for ASU, UNM, ITT Technical Institute, as well as private workshops/classes. A Signature Member and former President of the New Mexico Watercolor Society, Karin’s work has received awards in juried exhibitions in both Arizona and New Mexico.

Juror Jane Shea

While living as a child in Germany, Jane was introduced to some of the world’s great museums, including the Birmingham Museum of Fine Arts in which The Milk Shed by Andrew Wyeth hung. In Jane Shea’s career as a painter, she worked primarily in gouache in which she uses a dry brush technique to build up the pigment. Now having immersed herself in the study of the ancient medium of egg tempera, a whole new world has opened for the artist. She has found that light will pass through the color and may use as many as twenty layers in a single work. 

Jane strives to paint this light that she first saw in Andrew Wyeth’s painting, whether it is the old world shimmer of the Tuscan countryside, the brilliant spring greens of the South, or the incredible light in New Mexico. She chooses to paint what touches her: the quiet beauty and dignity that one finds in the faces of old people, abandoned automobiles, weathered adobe churches, sagging barns and stately trees, all being her cherished subjects. Jane shows at Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe.

Juror Mary Sundstrom

Mary Sundstrom hails originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She attended college at the University of New Mexico where she graduated with a Fine Arts degree in printmaking.

Her experience encompasses art instructor, fine art printer / collaborator, printmaker with 40+ years of exhibiting in color and group shows around the country, book illustrator with 17 children’s book titles and an Audubon field guide series, as well as numerous book and exhibit illustrations for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science.

Most recently she has taken on the duties with 3 other partners of owning and facilitating Remarque Print Workshop LLC.  In October of 2017 she exhibited her prints at Remarque in a solo show titled: “The Tinted Image”.